Songs and Stories #161: Recent Radio Part Two – More New Tunes

Click here to listen to Michael’s interview and a few of his new songs (time = 33:20)

I’ve done quite a bit of local radio this year. It’s always fun, and it’s always a blast turning the interviewer in me around into the interviewEE for a bit. Here’s another “recent radio” episode, with quite a bit of music.

starlite_cover_finalThis particular episode is a replay of an interview I did on KZSC radio in Santa Cruz. I chatted about an upcoming show with John Sandige and Gene Fintz (who’s also a fine local songwriter). Since it was during the commute hour, I kicked it off with “Highway 17”. There was some discussion about cell phones, so I segued into “She’s More Connected” off the “Starlite…” record.

zombiesYou’ll also hear two new songs in this replay: “Moving to Boise” (a zombie song with a not-so-subtle dig at Silion Valley) and “Little Angels Everywhere”. Both of these songs will be on the new record, which I’m planning to start recording later this month.

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