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This page lists all of Michael’s available music: “Lump of Coal”, “Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night”, “Dogspeed”, and “Spotted Mule and Other Tales”.

Autographed copies are available by sending a check for $15 to P.O. Box 2023, Freedom California, 95019. (Includes free shipping and a sticker.)

“Lump of Coal” (2014): Features holiday songs spanning Thanksgiving (“Black Friday’s Eve”) and Christmas (“The Krampus Comes Out Tonight,” “Go Tell It On the Mountain”) along with a few live tunes, including “Highway 17″ with new verses.


Lump of Coal - Michael Gaither
“Lump of Coal” comes in a hand-made package and ships with a “Krampus” Christmas ornament.
$10 includes shipping

Use the PayPal button above to purchase, or send a check made out to Michael Gaither Music to P.O. Box 2023, Freedom California, 95019.

“What I love about Michael is his natural ability to tell a good story in song and relate to his audience.  There is a sublime humour in much of what he writes and the accompaniment uncluttered, allowing his voice to take full command.  Christmas isn’t yet with us but Michael’s version of the time-honoured ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’, with delightful banjo clopping away in the background, will be featured on my Somer Valley 97.5FM ‘special’ during December, as will ‘The Krampus Comes Out Tonight’.  The new EP. ‘Lump Of Coal’, exceeds all expectations, with three ‘Holiday Tunes’ and three ‘Live Solo Tracks’ – but don’t just take my word for it, go buy it!!! (Bryan Chalker, Somer Valley 97.5FM, Somer UK)

“I’d welcome this “Lump of Coal” in my stocking! This glows with the warmth of holiday good tidings. My favorite tune is “Entertaining an Angel”, closely followed by “Black Fridays Eve” “Krampus” is also fun, yet dark! I plan on playing this on my show.” (David Howard, KVMR Radio, Nevada City, CA)

“Michael Gaither’s new CD,  is a nice addition to anyone’s holiday music collection. Listening to Michael’s songs is like having a friend tell you a story; a friend who is honest, witty, has a way with words and a wonderful, pleasing voice that makes it a joy to listen to.” (Jackie Locken, KKUP Radio, Cupertino CA)

“Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night” (2012): Guitars, mandolins, and fiddles drive this Americana story collection that mixes nostalgia and humor, tales of moonshine, horses, and coyotes, and observations of modern life in a small American town.

Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night - Michael Gaither      

“Michael Gaither does it again. Evocative lyrics, humor, heart-tugging, and stellar musicianship make Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night a tasty treat. Now I want a taco.” (Natalie Davis, Grateful Dread Radio Nashville)

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“Dogspeed” (2009): A collection of mostly-autobiographical Americana tales, ranging from rock concert memories, to the perils of modern technology, to a four-legged hero of 9-11.

Dogspeed - Michael Gaither        

“I love the way Michael crafts his lyrics and speaks about everyday stuff that you wouldn’t think to make into a song.” (Michael Sexton, CD Baby customer)

Santa Cruz Sentinel Review: Watsonville Writer Moves Along at “Dogspeed”

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Spotted Mule and Other Tales” (2006): Bluegrass, folk, and Telecaster-driven country arrangements drive these stories about big cars, bad drivers, a final appearance from Johnny and June, unrequited love at a music festival, and (of course) mules.

Spotted Mule and Other Tales - Michael Gaither

“A brilliant debut CD from Michael Gaither. A fine blend of folk, bluegrass, alternative country and Americana in its purest sense.” (Jeff Scammon, Wild West Radio) CD Review: Mule Music More quotes about “Spotted Mule and Other Tales”


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  1. Lauster
    February 23, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    heya solid blog and template. I am hoping I am not annoying you I merely wanted to inquire what wordpress plugin you utilize to show the newest comments on your blog? I really want to do something similar for my blog however I can’t locate the plugin or widget for it. Thanks for your time :)

  2. Joe Janowski
    August 27, 2012 at 2:52 pm


    Great job on “Highway 17″!

    After listening to that one I had to hear more. I really enjoy your style!


  3. admin
    August 29, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Hey Joe – Thanks so much for listening. Appreciate the kind words, too. And yeah, that drive is a never-ending source of inspiration. ;)

  4. Bryan
    December 1, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    Your music definitely puts a smile on my face, thank you for your artistic contribution my friend:)

  5. Dave
    April 27, 2013 at 5:34 pm


    I caught your show on KKUP 91.5 FM 2 weeks ago.

    I loved your material, and will be checking it out more. “Highway 17″ might have been my favorite.

    As a long time listener and supporter of KKUP, I appreciate your taking the time to appear there.


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