Songs and Stories #85 and #86: Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai “Make it Rain”

My kitchen table has been witness to lots of talent since I started doing this podcast three years ago. These next two episodes are certainly no exception. Santa Cruz songwriters Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai have been musical collaborators for a decade, regularly playing and touring together, and they’ve just completed their first official duo CD, “Make It Rain”, so I figure it was a good excuse to get together with them both.

In episode #85, We learn how Keith first approached a solo career after working with the trio City Folk at the same time Dayan (along with Steve Uccello and Art Alm) formed the band Water to back up other songwriters. They all met, and that magic that seems to happen with music occurred: Keith found himself with an excellent backup band, and Water found themselves on the road with someone who already knew the ropes.

Click to hear episode #85 (time = 38:32, size = 35.4 mb)

Episode #84 includes live performances of “That’s What Makes You Strong” (a Jesse Winchester cover that opens the new record) and the title track of “Make It Rain” (a Dayan Kai original). Keith and Dayan also talk about why they decided to work with producer Cookie Marenco.

Click hear episode #86 (time = 24:24, size = 22.5 mb)

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