Songs and Stories #25 and #26: Dayan Kai and Steve Uccello

I’ve found that doing these “interviews” around our kitchen table changes what might be a standard interview into a looser, more chatty…well, visit around a kitchen table. Awhile back I talked to multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Dayan Kai (along with bass player Steve Uccello). Dayan was huge part local music scene for many years (he was raised in San Juan Batista). Though Dayan recently moved to northern Washington, he and Steve still play here frequently. You’ll also often find them backing up local songwriter Keith Greeninger (who will be the next guest on “Songs and Stories”.)

Dayan, Steve, and I spent about an hour talking, and it was just too interesting (to me, anyway), to edit anything out. I decided to break it into two parts.

Contest Announcement: This month’s “Songs and Stories” drawing is an autographed copy of Keith Greeninger’s latest CD, “Glorious Peasant”. Listen to the podcast for details on how to enter. (Congrats to “David” of Sacramento, CA, last month’s winner. David won an autographed copy of Rick Di Dia and Aireene Espiritu’s latest CD, along with a DVD of them performing at the Freight and Salvage.)

In part one of the interview, Dayan talks about his musical influences, lists everything he plays (this takes awhile), and discusses the new Americana gospel release, “Treat a Stranger Right”.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #25 (time = 28:48, size = 33 mb)

In part two, Dayan talks about the pros and cons of being an independent artist in the age of web sites and Myspace.

Clickt to hear “Songs and Stories” #26 (time = 23:32, size = 26.7 mb)

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