Songs and Stories #97: Summer recap, Fall preview, and the musical melting pot of Cafe Musique

Click to hear: episode #97 (time = 35:40, size = 32.7 mb)

Getting my last gasp of festival banter in this episode, as I recap last month’s American River Music Festival, where I again had the pleasure of hosting the Friday open mic showcase. Out of 16 acts, three of them (Ma Muse, Forest Sun, and Dana Hubbard) all got to take their musical wares to a tweener on the main stage that weekend.) Another big highlight of the weekend was finally seeing Jesse Winchester perform for the first time.Amazing songwriter. Mesmerizing performer. And I’d never made the chance to see him before. (Where have *I* been?)

This month will be equally busy: On October 17th, I have the good fortune to share an in-the-round with Sherry Austin and Steve Kritzer at the Corralitos Cultural Center. The following weekend I’ll be at the FAR-West conference in Santa Clara, gathering with (and being inspired by) some like-minded artists and music supporters, playing a few late-night showcases, and hosting one of the early night’s premiere showcases. We finish the month on Sat 10/30 at Roudon-Smith Winery in Scotts Valley, with my band, Michelle Chappel, and a few other acts filling out the afternoon. Complete minutiae on all this are over on my Shows page.

On Sunday, 10/31 (yes, Halloween), I recommend you join me (and as many folk as we can wrangle) for a trip up to Don Quixote’s Music Hall in Felton. Cafe Musique – a Central California-based outfit that mixes everything from tango, swing, Gypsy, and jazz to folk and Americana – is doing an early show at 1:00 pm. I talked with Duane English (accordion) and Brynne Albanese (violin) of the band on their last run up this way, We chatted about the evolution of the band, what their diverse backgrounds bring to the group, and the release of their new record, “Catching Your Breath”.

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