Songs and Stories #171: Jeffrey Halford’s “Lo Fi Dreams”

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jeffrey_halford_bw_2When you spend years with a fellow musician trading emails, crossing paths with mutual friends, and only occasionally having a real phone call (remember those?)…plan to take a lot of time catching up when you finally get a chance to sit and visit. Case in point: This episode of “Songs and Stories” is a years-in-the-making (heh) chat with bluesy songwriter Jeffrey Halford. Have a seat. Long chat in this one, but we had fun. Hope you do, too.

Jeffrey is out touring in support of “Lo Fi Dreams,” his latest (his eight) record of original tunes. As we speak, he’s making his way through Holland and Germany with his band, The Healers. He’ll be back in the bay area in time for a CD-release party at The Throckmorton in Mill Valley on Saturday, November 4th.

In this interview, Jeffrey and I both talked about our gratitude for KPIG radio – both of our new records at getting tons of support – and how these little indie and Americana stations really do keep this music out there.

lofi dreams“Low Fi Dreams” is being released through the Sausalito-based Floating Records, which has not only given Jeffrey’s record an extra push, but it’s also allowed him to release this new project on vinyl in addition to CD. The episode also includes the CD track of “Elvis Shot the Television,” a fun tune that’s getting lots of airplay. Jefferey talks about the Elvis festival and the real-life details that he worked into the song. Yes, Elvis had an issue with Robert Goulet. You’ll have to listen for the details. Stay tuned to the end of the interview, too. Jeffrey sneaks in a live take on an unreleased track.

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