Songs and Stories #150: “Remembering Audrey Auld”

Click here to listen to the 2012 interview with Audrey Auld. (time = 42:29)

This episode is a repeat of a 2012 interview with Audrey Auld. Audrey passed away on August 9th at the young age of 51 after a battle with cancer. A brilliant songwriter, Audrey was also a dynamite performer. Audrey played and sang her heart out, This quote sums her up: “The only problem with Auld is trying to decide if she’s more remarkable as a singer or a songwriter. which isn’t the worst problem to have” – John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, TX.

I talked to Audrey after a live set at KPIG radio. She was on tour for her Woody Guthrie-inspired, hand-made release, “Wood”. You’ll find that though this interview goes back a few years, what we talked about is still quite relevant: “Who’s still buying CDs?” “Should I make these songs available online?” “What do people who make music do, when so many other people think it should be free?”

I’ve updated this episode with the songs “Hey Warden” and “Bread and Roses” from her final release, and “Bound for Glory” off “Tonk”, the country album she made in Nashville with Marty Stuart’s band.

Audrey’s GoFundMe site: When anyone is lost to an illness, there are also quite often and unfortunately remnant medical expenses at the waiting. If you’d like to help Audrey’s family, please visit (and donate to) this GoFundMe site set up on her behalf.

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  1. Helen Maslocka
    February 4, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    Your interview with Audrey Auld adding in some of her moving was profound, stirring and wonderful. Thank you, Michael. Gratefully, Helen

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