Songs and Stories #122: A Visit with Somer Valley FM

Click here to listen to episode #122 (time = 17:45)

When I finished my “Dogspeed” CD in 2009, the late Chuck McCabe told me, “I guarantee this new record will take you places you hadn’t thought of”. He was right. (Chuck was always right.) I’ve done three of these things now, and every project leads you to new listeners, new fans, (fans/friends…it’s a really fine line), and new places to play.

I finished “Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night”, the new CD, nearly six months ago. It hasn’t led me very far out of the bay area – at least yet – but the songs sure have travelled.

This podcast is great example of that last one. It’s a recent phone interview between me and Ray James. Ray’s a DJ on Somer Valley FM, a community station way across the pond in north Somerset, England. He’s been kind enough to feature music from the “Starlite…” CD on his Tuesday night “Country Club” show on Tuesday nights. Click the link at the top of this post to listen.

Getting your music out in the world needs three things (beside decent music): You need to play out live, so people hear and see you. You need to find those listeners who (hopefully) like what you do and tell their friends. And you need independent DJs who, despite being bombarded with new music on a weekly basis, still give your new record a listen and (hopefully) find time to play it on their shows.

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