Songs and Stories #112: The Coffis Brothers

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After a brief, involuntary (read: Mac troubles) hiatus, the “Songs and Stories” podcast is back. This time out we chat with Jamie and Kellen Coffis. The Coffis Brothers and their band, The Mountain Men, hail from Ben Lomond and have just recorded their first record at Gadgetbox Studios in Santa Cruz. In this episode, Jamie and Kellen discuss their influences, which includes The Beatles and lots of classic rock. (Jamie and Kellen are both huge Tom Petty and Mudcrutch fans, so we had lots of common ground.)

They also discuss the great experience that they had recording with Andy Zenvzak at Gadgetbox and how their initial idea of “let’s see if we can just record a few songs or maybe an EP” developed into a complete – and very cool, I might add – self-titled debut release. (Of course, having talent, good songs, and great sibling harmonies certainly didn’t hurt.)

Kellen and Jamie Coffis

This interview is being posted as fall – and the oncoming rain – are looming again, so the timing is good. During our chat, you’ll hear some pretty funny (well, they’re funny now) stories of how rain stalked Jamie and Kellen to many of their gigs earlier this year, including last June’s Redwood Mountain Faire, where both our bands played and where I got to hear these guys for the first time.

Locally, you can see The Coffis Brothers on Saturday, October 29th at Skov Winery in Scotts Valley. Jamie and Kellen, along with our band, Rob Hastings, and the Babiarz-Scott Band are all playing at Skov’s Celebrate the Harvest Festival. Details are on my Shows page. And for info on other gigs for the Coffis Brothers, see their official web site.

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