Songs and Stories #109: Annie Moscow on “Phoenix”

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I always appreciate time with a songwriter, learning about how they got into music, and finding out what influences them to keep going. (Hopefully you do, too, since you’re reading this…and hopefully listening to the interview that’s posted along with this.) Still, I always enjoy RE-visiting with an artist more the second – or third – time they come around to visit the “Songs and Stories” podcast. Good example: Arizona-based singer/songwriter Annie Moscow.

Annie Moscow plays the title track off “Phoenix”

Annie came by the house a couple of years go to chat on episodes #58 and #59 about her first two records. She’s recently completed her fourth, “Phoenix”, and stopped by to talk about it mid-way through a west coast tour. We caught up on playing Steve Key showcases, reminisced about what we’ve learned at the FAR-West conferences, and discussed some of the booking challenges an artist faces when they’re “not quite folk and not quite jazz”. (In Annie’s case, she writes a script to go with her latest songs and books herself as a one-woman show in theaters.)

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