Songs and Stories #104: Vicki (Thorn) Simpson of The Waifs

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Somewhere near the upper/middle/top of that huge list titled “my favorite bands” is a trio of Australian folks known as The Waifs. Made up of songwriters Donna and Vikki Simpson (yup, they’re sisters) and Josh Cunningham, the band made their Santa Cruz debut at one of KPIG radio’s “Texas Uprising” shows many years ago. With great harmonies and songwriting, backed by Josh’s nifty fretwork and Vikki’s harmonica, they’ve since toured the world, continually playing in bigger and bigger venues.

At one point they cancelled a small set of shows to hit the road and open for some guy named Bob Dylan. Here in the west, they’ve also made more than one or two appearances at some of the bigger festivals such as The Strawberry Music Festival in Groveland CA and The Kate Wolf Festival in Laytonville CA.

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The three of them now officially live here in the states. They’re scattered a bit (literally…it takes some doing to get together and play and record). And though they’ve taken a short hiatus or two to have families and settle down, they’re still very much a band.

I talked to Vikki a few months back when she, Donna, and Josh were preparing a short tour to work up some new material. That material is now available on Temptation, their latest release.

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