Songs and Stories #54 and #55: No, the OTHER Arthur Godfrey

This April makes five years that I’ve been running the open mic night at the Wooden Nickel Bar and Grill here in town, so I thought it fitting to talk to award-winning songwriter Arthur Godfrey (no relation to the original). (Arthur started the open mic way back in the “early 2000′s”. He ran it, along with local songwriter Sherry Austin, before I took it over in 2004.)

Originally from Boston, Arthur is based in Nashville these days. In “Songs and Stories” #54, Arthur explains what brought him to the west coast and how running an open mic allowed him to meet other local musicians. He gives some great tips for folks who might be working on their first songs and also tells us how he got the name “Arthur”.

Clickto hear “Songs and Stories” #54 (time = 19:59, size = 22.9 mb)

In “Songs and Stories” #55, Arthur tells the stories behind (and plays) “Richard’s Song” and “Broken Wings” (from his new record, “Broken Wings”).

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #55 (time = 16:25, size = 18.8 mb)

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