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When it comes to meeting folks (whether fans, friends, or a mix of both), I always prefer it to be in person, “shakin’ and howdy’n”, and trying my best to remember someone’s first name (usually takes two or three attempts). Still, the abundance of social networking sites (or at least the few I frequent) allows a lowly folksinger like me to have listeners as close as Sacramento and as far away as New Zealand and South Africa. It really is a blessing. Here are a few other places you can find me:

Follow me on Twitter

Twitter. Also known as “mini-blogging”, or saying what you have to say in 140 words or less. Comments can be as insightful as “eating Cheerios for breakfast” or giving details of the latest post to your web site. This one’s really grown on me.

My Facebook profile

Facebook. People love or hate Facebook. I take the former. Think of this as Myspace for the 21+ crowd. The thing I appreciate about Facebook is it seems as though the friend requests I get are from a) people I actually know or b) have found me through my music and really want to connect.

My Myspace page

Myspace. Even though 90% of the “Add Friend” requests I get are from other bands, Myspace is still an easy place to post a profile and music. It’s also the one place my 13-year-old niece Regi will answer my email, which makes being on Myspace totally worth it.

My page on ReverbNation

Reverbnation. The new hip site for musicians to post their music – and for fans to learn all about an artist with just a few clicks. I also manage my mailing list through this site.

If you’re on any of these, do drop me an Add Friend request, become a “fan” on ReverbNation, or follow me on Twitter. Be nice to see a virtually familiar face. ;)

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