Songs and Stories #60 and #61: Jay Howlett sees “Carnival Lights”

Bay area audiences know award-winning songwriter Jay Howlett both as part of the songwriting collective BlahBlahWoofWoof and a solo performer in his own right. In this kitchen-table talk, Jay and I talk about his upcoming release “Carnival Lights”, how BlahBlahWoofWoof formed, other songwriters such as Chuck Brodsky and Chuck McCabe, his association with Breedlove Guitars, and the alternate-tuning sounds he gets by using multiple capos.

Note: Jay will be doing a special “Carnival Lights” CD-release party at Mobu Dance Studio on Saturday, June 27th. (Click here for more info.)

In “Songs and Stories” #60, Jay and I discuss the pros and cons of “multiple instrumentation” vs “underproducing” a CD and talk about the unique approach he’s taken to this current project. (He’s recording material for multiple CDs in one long recording stretch.)

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #60 (time = 39:52, size = 36.6 mb)

In “Songs and Stories” #61, Jay gives us a “Carnival Lights” preview, playing (and telling the stories behind) “Long Black Dress” and “King of the Parking Lot”. (Jay also explains the multiple-capo positions in both songs.)

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #61 (time = 22:55, size = 21.1 mb)

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