Songs and Stories #30: KVMR Highlights

Since this is my 30th “Songs and Stories” podcast, I thought I’d flip things around and have *me* interviewed for a change. This episode is a replay of a recent appearance on KVMR radio in Nevada City, CA. I was a guest on Wesley Robertson’s “Rockin’ and Stompin'” show and played solo versions of “Broke”, “Spotted Mule”, “Jack of All Trades” from my “Spotted Mule and Other Tales” CD. Also, on a dare from Wesley, I did “Highway 17” on a ukulele. The set opens with “Where’d the Time Go?”, a newer song which will be on the “Dogspeed” CD, due later this year.

Wesley has been listening to “Songs and Stories”, so we also talked a lot about this little show, the recent interviews, and how’s it’s grown into a big part of the web site. If you’re new to my music, have just started looking around, or are checking out the podcast for the first time, this episode is a good intro the whole thing. As always, comments are more than welcome, and thanks for listening.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #30 (time = 35:36, size = 40.8 mb)

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