Songs and Stories #13: Still Walkin’ / The Half Dome Hike

Click to hear podcast #13 (time = 29:44, size = 29.3 mb)

I haven’t picked apart one of my songs in awhile, so I thought I’d take a look at “Still Walkin'”, the opening track on “Spotted Mule and Other Tales”. In this podcast, I’ll explain how this came about and describe how structurally, it’s a bit different than my usual verse, chorus, verse, repeat chorus, etc…songs. After that, you’ll hear the final version of the song from my CD.

Also, I hiked to Half Dome in Yosemite awhile back and recorded much of that walk. Thematically, it fits with the walking motif, so I’ll take you on an audio tour of Half Dome. (The hike took 12 hours; this podcast won’t take nearly that long.)

Here are some links to go with the show. I mention these in the podcast:

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