Songs and Stories #93: Ten Minutes with Crooked Still

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One of my favorite bands of the moment is Crooked Still, a collaboration between five very talented musicians who get a lot of labels tossed their way: Progressive bluegrass, nu-folk, alternative folk. Basically, they’re a string band with an etherreal (and yet modern) sound completely their own.

This probably clocks in as my *shortest* podcast interview I’ve done. I caught up with lead singer Aoife (EE-fuh) O’Donovan and bassist Corey DiMario after their Sunday morning set at last Spring’s Strawberry Music Festival in Yosemite. They had just enough time for a quick chat before heading back up onstage to join 18 South for their set. Aoife and Corey did have enough time to discuss the band’s charter of taking a unique approach to existing material, how they were snowed in during the making of their new record, “Some Strange Country”, and the specific string instruments that are – by design – absent from their music.

To beef this episode up a bit, I included a couple of live tracks (with the band’s blessing) from their live set: “Ain’t No Grave” (off their record “Shaken By a Low Sound” ) and “Orphan Girl” (off their record “Hop High” ). This episode concludes with a sampling of “Half of What We Know” (written by O’Donovan) and “You Got the Silver” (a Stones cover) from the new record.

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