Songs and Stories Podcast #6: Wanna Buy a “Spotted Mule”?

Click to hear episode 6 (time = 26:16, size = 30.0 mb)

It’s amazing what one little bluegrass song about a mule can do for you. “Spotted Mule” pretty much wrote itself, became the title track to my CD, a video on YouTube, and people are still discovering it. My latest favorite quote is from a DJ in New Zealand who wrote me and said it was, “annoyingly memorable”. (He quickly wrote me again and said he meant that as a compliment.)

Well folks, Icing, the spotted mule herself, is now up for sale. We didn’t buy her, but it was tempting. (Or as I told my wife, “Good thing we don’t have land. Or money.”)

In this podcast, you’ll hear some background on the song *and* an interview with Krista Koenig, Icing’s owner/trainer. Krista is a walking encyclopedia on natural horsemanship and training. In this podcast, she explains how she’s spent her whole life training horses, when mules came along, and how training mules has made her a better horse trainer.

Here are some links to go with the show. I mention these in the podcast:

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