Songs and Stories Podcast #9 (and 9a): The Strawberry Breakfast Club

Here are two more podcasts from material collected at last May’s Strawberry Music Festival. This time, we do a big “thank you” to the Breakfast Club crew: Larry, Margie, Sher, and Richard.

Note: I’m putting these together by using Garageband, which continues to cut me off at the 30-minute mark. (Any help from Apple folk out there is greatly appreciated.) To fit in everything I wanted, I split this one into two pieces: Podcast #9 features two versions of “Strawberry Girl” – one is live from the Breakfast Club and the other is a retooled rewrite after the fact – and two songs from my pal Greg Kitchel. Podcast #9a features two songs from Jim Dyar.

I’ll warn ya ahead of time that I recorded this over an FM broadcast, and my reception was a little fuzzy at times. Still, a live recording is what it is, so I wanted to post it. Hope you enjoy it.

Click to hear podcast #9, featuring me, Steve Bachman, and Greg Scott on Friday, and Greg Kitchel on Saturday: (time = 29:48, size = 34.9 mb)

Click to hear podcast #9a, featuring Jim Dyar, Steve, and me very early on Sunday morning: (time = 12:13, size = 12.3 mb)

Here are some links to go with the show. I mention these in the podcast:

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