Songs and Stories Podcast #5: High and Lonesome

Click to hear the episode 5 (time = 17:47, size = 20.3 mb)

What comes first? The music or the lyrics? That’s probably the most-asked question about songwriting, and the answer is simply, “yes”. (As in, “Yes, the music or the lyrics definitely come first”.) Every song is different, and every one has a different starting point.

Some songs – most of mine, actually – start with a title. In this podcast, I talk about how the song “High and Lonesome” came about. Also included in this podcast is a promo for The Great American Music Hour podcast, and a live cut of “High and Lonesome”, recorded at the Canyon Acoustic Society House Concert we played last month.

Here are some links to go with the show. I mention these in the podcast:

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