Songs and Stories #95: Sabrina and Craig

Click to hear: episode #95 (time = 45:20, size = 27.8 mb)

Music and magic usually happens when you least expect it. Case in point: Sabrina Schneppat and Craig Lincoln met at a business seminar five years ago. After she made a short presentation onstage, Craig vowed to meet her. Sabrina’s interested was piqued when she discovered Craig was a songwriter. (Sabrina’s background was in choir and jazz singing. She’s also a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild.)

Sabrina heard Craig’s songs. Craig heard Sabrina’s singing voice. And they’ve been playing together ever since. They also host Acoustic LA LIVE!, a monthly songwriter showcase in North Hollywood. On their recent tour through the area, promoting their new release One Home…One Heart, I chatted with them before their show at The Ugly Mug in Soquel. We tucked away into the main room of The Flower Mill Florist in Soquel CA for this interview. Big thanks to my pal Tina Ash for keeping the place open late for us.

Note: This episode marks the first time I’ve interviewed a bronze medal winner. You’ll have to listen for the background on THAT story.

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