Songs and Stories #94: “Time Well Spent” with Rachel Sedacca

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I met songwriter Rachel Sedacca last fall in Irvine, CA at the FAR-West Folk Conference (this year it’ll be held in San Jose, CA on October 21-24.) Rachel invited me to play in her guerilla showcase room and added, “I like to invite a few wild cards, people I don’t know…plus, it make sure that folks new to the conference have a place to play.” I followed Rachel’s example and made sure I mixed in a few wild cards of my own in my showcase room.

She did a west coast run last spring and invited me to do a few songs to open her show at a local house concert. This gave me a chance to visit with Rachel and formally meet “Patience”, the school bus she travels in. In fact, this episode was recorded in the bus, complete with rain pitter-pattering off Patience’ metal roof. Rachel and I talked about her “soulful, bluesy Americana style” and how a primarily solo songwriter books her own tour. Rachel also unveiled a new song that she wrote immediately after FAR-West, “Time Well Spent”.

More pics of Rachel and Patience

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