Songs and Stories #91: “David Wilcox – Looking for Possibilities”

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In some ways, podcast episodes are like songs: The latest one is always my favorite. This round of “Songs and Stories”, however, will likely remain at the top of my list for awhile. I recently had the chance to sit and chat with singer/songwriter David Wilcox before his show at TrueWind Music (a bay area series run by fellow songwriters Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon). David and I talked about his new release “Open Hand” and discussed why he chose to record it on analog tape.

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After David played a few tunes from that record – and explained the stories behind them – we veered into a discussion of songwriting. David explained that if you haven’t written for awhile, it’s simply a matter of rediscovering that path so you write again. The point? It’s not about “getting a lot of songs”, but just being able to connect with that part of you where songs come from. I came away incredibly inspired. I think you will, too.

“Songs and Stories” #91 includes live performances of “Modern World”, “Open Hand”, and “Vow of Silence” off “Open Hand”.

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