Songs and Stories #82: Houston Jones on “Jericho Road”

Click to hear Songs and Stories #82 (time = 38:44, size = 35.5 mb)

I chatted with Travis Jones and Chris Kee, who make up two fifths of our bay area’s own Houston Jones, way back in episode 31 and episode 32.

With a new record out, we figured this was a good excuse to both get together again AND drag the whole band along for this follow-up episode. In this interview recorded after a recent appearance on KPIG radio, we chat about the evolution of the new project, “Jericho Road”, discuss the different song styles of Travis and Chris (and how they complement each other), hear what it’s like working with producer Cookie Marenco, and we find out why award-winning guitar player Glenn Houston will probably never play a banjo on a Houston Jones CD.

This episode also includes previews of the songs “Still Waters”, “Jericho Road”, and “Ornithopathy” off the new record.

Note: Cookie Marenco will be guest on the next two episodes of “Songs and Stories”. Subcribe to this in iTunes or sign up for my mailing list to find out when the interview is available.

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