Songs and Stories #75: “Will the real Johnsmith…”

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #75 (time = 32:14, size = 29.5 mb)

You don’t see the words “bard” or “genius” used to describe just anybody, but those are only a few of the glowing compliments that Musicologist PJ Curtis uses in his overview of songwriter Johnsmith (capital “j”, small “s”) Johnsmith is based in Wisconsin and usually makes only one trek a year out here to the west coast. It’s that time again. Johnsmith will be here soon for a number of shows, including stops at some of my favorite house concerts:

  • Friday, October 23rd: The Acoustic Barn (New Castle, CA). Contact Kevin by email for reservations.
  • Saturday, October 24th: Canyon Acoustic Society (Aromas, CA). Contact Marky by email for reservations.
  • October 25th to 30th, “Songwriting from the Heart”, a weeklong workshop at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur.
  • Sunday, November 1st: TrueWind Music (Campbell, CA). Go to for reservations.

In this phone interview, John talks about recording his new record, Gravity of Grace, his upcoming shows, and why he loves playing in California.

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