Songs and Stories #73 and #74: “A Pirate Goes Legit: The Tale of Wild West Radio”

One of my little goals this year was to do stories not only on independent musicians but also on folks who *support* independent musicians. September isn’t an optimal time to check off a New Year’s Resolution, but..well…better late than never. Jeff Scammon started his radio career as a folk DJ at KKUP in Cupertino, CA. After leaving there, he discovered “pirate radio”. (As you’ll learn in this interviews, though, he was a very considerable pirate.) These days he’s in Roseville, CA running Wild West Radio, a completely legitimate online radio station that mixes comedy, old country, new Americana, and folk.

In episode #73, Jeff invites me play on WWR and tell the stories behind my songs Spotted Mule, I Miss My Town, and Where’d the Time Go?. There’s also a cover of the gospel tune “Uncloudy Day”. This chat nicely devolves into just a couple of old-ish music geeks lamenting the death of the record store. We had a good time with it. I hope you do, too.

Click to hear Songs and Stories #73 (time = 40:25, size =37.1 mb)

In episode #74, I sit off the air with Jeff and get the whole story of his trek from KKUP to over the air radio, which ended right as it became relatively easy to run things over the Internet.

Click to hear Songs and Stories #74 (time = 15:08, size = 16.0 mb)

Note: Wild West Radio is a completely listener-supported station. If you’re interested in donating to the cause, there’s a PayPal link at

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