Songs and Stories #69 and #70: The Return of Brad Colerick

Nineteen years might seem like a long time between recording projects, but it isn’t like Brad Colerick hasn’t been doing anything. After recording back home (in Nebraska) back in the 80s and slowly finding his way to southern California, Brad started assignment writing, recording for corporate and advertising clients, and eventually founding DeepMix, a music supervision company in Hollywood. While still busy with DeepMix, Brad is very much back in singer-songwriter mode these days. He released “Cottonwood” in 2006 and quickly followed that with “Lines In the Dirt” in 2007. Next month sees the release of “When I’m Gone” his third record in as many years.

In this “Songs and Stories” two-parter, Brad talks about how jingle writing back home evolved into the founding of DeepMix here on the west coast. We discuss “assignment writing”, whether it’s writing for an advertising piece or specifically for someone and their story. You’ll also hear Brad explain some of the differences between writing and immediately recording, versus taking songs on the road (and to a live audience) to work them up before entering the studio to document them on a record.

In episode #69, Brad explains his long-ago move to California. You’ll also hear samples of the song “There” (written as a tribute to Michael and Cora Betts) and a cover of Brian Joseph’s “We’re Gonna Laugh”.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #69 (time = 28:31, size = 26.1 mb)

In episode #70, Brad plays and tells the stories behind “My California” (off “Lines In the Dirt” and “Paper In Heaven” from the upcoming “When I’m Gone”.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #70 (time = 22:48, size = 20.9 mb)

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