Songs and Stories #67: Chuck McCabe on the “Young At Heart” Project

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #67 (time = 13:20, size = 12.5 mb)

In this followup to “Songs and Stories” episodes 37 and 38, Chuck McCabe talks about his work with the Young at Heart Project, an organization that brings live music into (primarily) senior convalescent and residential care facilities throughout the Central Coast and South Bay. Chuck is just one of many local artists who play for Young at Heart. In this interview, you’ll learn how Chuck got involved with YAH and will also get a sample of the music he brings to these grateful audiences. (Not so subtle hint: It’s Chuck’s version of “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby”.)

Note: If you want to hear a little more from Chuck, and perhaps a bit more from me, I get the privilege of sharing the bill with Chuck, Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon at the TrueWind Acoustic Fridays show on Friday, August 21st at Mission City Coffee in Santa Clara. Head over to TrueWind Music for more details and ticket info.

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