Songs and Stories #64 and #65: Dana Hubbard – Living On Six Strings and Four Wheels

I met Dana Hubbard (first heard here in Songs and Stories #47) last Fall when he played the American River Music Festival in Coloma, CA (where I’m playing this year, BTW.) Dana spent the ’80s and ’90s making a full-time living playing the bay area “clubs and corporate” scene. As that began to fade, Dana rediscovered his love for fingerpicking and solo playing. These days he travels (and primarily lives in) a Sprinter RV, hitting festivals and venues along the way.

In this “Songs and Stories” two-parter, Dana talks about the festival circuit, what lead to the dimming of the club circuit, the pros and cons (mostly pros) of RV life, and his latest release, “The Grounds Keepers”. Note: On Saturday, 7/18, I’ll be playing an in-the-round with Dana and our pal Greg Kitchel at The Acoustic Barn in Newcastle, CA. Contact Kevin by email for reservations.

In episode #64, Dana talks about his move from running a band to becoming a solo performer and what led him to travel around in an RV.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #64 (time = 27:30, size = 25.35 mb)

In episode #65, Dana plays (and tells the stories behind) the songs “Woody’s Guitar” and Pretty Little Farmer”.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #65 (time = 27:30, size = 25.35 mb)

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