Songs and Stories #56 and #57: “Stryngs” Attached

At the American River Music Festival last Fall, I found myself camped next to Martin Giles and “Strings”, part of the British folk band Stryngs. Martin and Strings were touring the western U.S. and playing house concerts along the way. They joined our late-nite song circle (which you can hear in “Songs and Stories #47”) and a month later dropped by the house to spend a few days with the wife and I. We shared a memorable election night, played lots of music, and then finally settled down to business, doing the “kitchen-table” talk for this podcast.

Strings, Chris Marchall, Derek Scurll, and Martin Giles

In “Songs and Stories” #56, Martin and Strings discuss their musical roots, the logistics of keeping a band on schedule, Martin’s fear of spiders, and Strings’ day job as a psychologist. (Here’s a link to her new book, Psychiatry PRN: Principles, Reality, Next Steps.)

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #56 (time = 29:13, size = 33.4 mb)

In “Songs and Stories” #57, they play “(and tell the stories behind) “Frank’s Song” from The Thrill of Maintaining Momentum (2003) and “Run My Pen Dry” from Love and Other Vices (2006).

Click  to hear “Songs and Stories” #57 (time = 17:39, size = 20.2 mb)

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