Songs and Stories #50: Terri Hendrix – In Tune and In Time

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #50 (time = 36:29, size = 31.4 mb)

With nine self-released CDs to her credit – her latest is 2007’s “The Spiritual Kind” – Texas singer-songwriter Terri Hendrix is the gold standard when it comes to the independent artist. That also makes her the perfect interview for this mini-milestone, episode #50 of “Songs and Stories”.

In this chat recorded backstage at Don Quixote’s Music Hall, Terri talks about what she’s still learning after her ninth CD, her annual “Life’s A Song” workshops, touring with producer Lloyd Maines, and gives some great tips to artists who might not have that first CD quite done yet.

This episode features clips of “Life’s A Song” and “The Spiritual Kind” from the new record, along with a live recording of “A Prayer for My Friends” (from her 2003 release “The Ring”) recorded at Don Quixote’s.

Note: If you’re curious about “Eve”, the foster puppy who was chewing on my mic cord during this podcast, here’s her whole story on my Facebook page.

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