Songs and Stories #48: Claudia Nygaard and the State of Modern Music

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #48 (time = 48:15, size = 55.2 mb)

Although based in Nashville, Claudia Nygaard is not what you’d expect from a typical Nashville artist. (Claudia prefers story songs – and in her own words sounds more like “Guy Clark or John Prine on massive doses of estrogen” – rather than anything you’d hear on commercial country radio.) A one-time staff writer on Music Row, Claudia eventually decided that her heart was not in “radio friendly” love songs. She bought out her contract and starting writing what she wanted. (She soon after won the “New Folk” award for her song “J.C.” at the 2004 Kerrville Music Festival.)

In this “Songs and Stories” episode, Claudia and I talk about what house concerts have brought to independent music, the good old days of vinyl records, and that ongoing argument about the “death of the CD” in the wake of dropcards and iPods. We also discuss her current release, “Somewhere Else to Go”, and her new CD that’s in the works – and which you can hear a preview of on her web site.

Claudia spends most of her playing time on the road. (And locally, she’ll be playing the Canyon Acoustic Society’s December concert on 12/13). For reservation info, contact Marky by email.

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