Songs and Stories #46: Joziah Longo and “The Great Unravel”

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #46 (time = 31:00, size = 21.7 mb)

I first talked with Joziah Longo way back in Songs and Stories #8. In that interview, we discussed the origin of his band, Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams. In this followup chat recorded at last month’sAmerican River Music Festival, Joziah and I talk about their new release, The Great Unravel, with an emphasis on the song “Tink” (which discusses the conflict between your “inner Tinkerbell” and “inner Wendy”).

We also discuss Joziah’s “index card” method of songwriting (which I’ve also been using), and how a songwriter’s influences eventually help him or her shape their own work.

“Tink” Lloyd and Joziah Longo

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