Songs and Stories #44 and #45: Americana Songwriter Corinne West

Ever wonder what it would be like to take to the road and never look back? Corinne West did just that, leaving home in her teens to travel with a group of artists who became her surrogate family. She soon began playing music and writing her own songs, and after a few stints in bands, became a solo artist.

Corinne, still pretty much constantly on tour, dropped by the house recently during a run through the Monterey Bay area. In this two-part interview, she talks about her vagabond upbringing and why she made the move from playing in bands to becoming a solo artist. We also talk about how your first CD (in Corinne’s case, the 2004 debut “Bound for the Living”) becomes your business card, and we find out how she ended up getting Mike Marshall to produce the 2007 release “Second Sight”. (She’s currently working on her third record.)

Corinne with bandmates Henry Nagle and Aaron Phillip

Episode #44 features the title track from “Second Sight” and the interview with Corinne.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #44 (time = 28:00, size = 35.4 mb)

Episode #45 features a live version of “Handful of Gold” and the CD version of “Hell Yes”, both from “Second Sight”.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #45 (time = 18:00, size = 35.4 mb)


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