Songs and Stories #43: Fall Preview

The new TV season always has a “Fall Preview”, so why not do the same for the band and this podcast? This episode is a rundown of where we’re playing in October (KSCO 1080 AM, Roudon-Smith Winery, Don Quixote’s), as well as a quick look at the next few episodes I have lined up for the podcast (interviews with Corrine West and Joziah Longo).

This episode includes live versions of “Spotted Mule” and “Where’d the Time Go”, from an appearance last June on KSCO’s “Good Morning Monterey Bay” with Rosemary Chalmers. Rosemary and I discussed how people now hold up cell phones – instead of cigarette lighters – at concerts and also discussed the animal motif (dogs, mules) that’s worked its way into much of my music.

Note: I kept this episode a little short, since I had a big German Shepherd guilting me into giving up the computer for the afternoon to go play fetch:

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #43 (time = 18:00, size = 21.7 mb)

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