Songs and Stories #29: Gypsy Soul

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“I don’t want to paint with just one color”. That’s how Cillette Swann describes the Americana genre’s ability to let artists mix varied styles on the same record. Cilette, along with husband Roman Morykit, are better known as “Gypsy Soul”, a duo who call southern Oregon their home. In this interview from last December (consider this my “Christmas in Spring” podcast), we talked about how they ended up in Oregon – he’s from England, she’s from Canada, and they met in Scotland – and discussed how their different music and writing styles merged to form Gypsy Soul.

On a personal note, we talked at The Monarch Cove Inn in Capitola, CA. Fifteen and a half years ago, that property was known as El Salto Resort, and my wife and I were married there. (The cabin where I talked to Cillette and Roman literally stands on the same grounds where our wedding took place. Let’s just say I’m fond of the place and it gave us something extra to talk about.)

Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit
(and Roman’s guitars)

Contest Announcement: Congrats to “Joanna”, who won the March “Songs and Stories” contest and a copy of Keith Greeninger’s “Glorious Peasant” CD. To enter this month’s contest, listen to the Gypsy Soul interview, or just go to my Contact page, sign up for my mailing list, and mention the April drawing. I’ll randomly pull a name at the end of the month and notify the lucky winner.

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