Songs and Stories #27 and #28: Keith Greeninger

Another back to back set of interviews, this time with local favorite Keith Greeninger. From the award-winning trio City Folk, to his solo work, Keith continues to grow his appreciative audience and spread his enthusiasm to “get music into your life”.

Keith and his prize Shanti guitar

In part one, Keith talks about how he gravited towards music in a family where no one else played and about his collaborative efforts with other musicians such as Dayan Kai.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #27 (time = 31:44, size = 36.43 mb)

In part two, Keith plays two personal favorites of mine, “Ruby and Rosie” and “Arsenal of Doves” and explains the stories behind those songs.

Click to hear “Songs and Stories” #28 (time = 31:27, size = 36.1 mb)

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