Songs and Stories #20: The Benefit of Benefits

Last Fall, we got to play a few benefits for some notable local charities and events. It was great being able to bring music to a cause, and it also gave us the opportunity to play for new people. In this show, you’ll hear a KSCO radio interview with me and Peter Goodman of the band Cooper Street the morning before our show at Don Quixote’s Music Hall. (Our bands did a co-bill to help Felton Library Friends). Paul Machlis talks about the effort to fund a new library.

And you’ll also hear live versions of both of my car songs: A solo version of “Highway 17” from the KSCO interview, as well as a band version of “Good God Man How Big a Car Do You Need”, from the show at Don Quixote’s. (On KSCO, Peter played a solo version of “Zoe’s Ring”. That’s included in this episode, as well. )

Click the red icon below to hear “Songs and Stories” #20 (time = 31:18, size = 35.8 mb)

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