Songs and Stories #16: Meanwhile, back at the Wooden Nickel…

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I run a songwriter’s open mic night on the first Thursday of every month at the Wooden Nickel Bar and Grille in Watsonville CA. I haven’t done a show about it since way back in Songs and Stories #4, so I thought I’d put together a few recent highlights. We could call this one, “Three Songs, Three Stories”: Songwriter Penelope Shibley covers MY song “Spotted Mule”. I do a solo version of “Not Stubborn Not My Mule”. And Dayan Kai sings “The San Juan Song”, which just happens to be one of my very favorite songs. (Okay, “my favorite songs” is kind of a huge list, but I still love the tune.)

Note: Dayan Kai will be featured in an upcoming episode of “Songs and Stories”. He was in town for a couple of shows, came by my house for the interview, and it just happened to be the first Thursday of the month. Since that’s also “Wooden Nickel night”, he graciously dropped by and played a set for us.

Here are some links to go with the show. I mention these in the podcast:

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