Songs and Stories #140: Chuck Brodsky Flashback

Click here to listen to the interview with Chuck Brodsky (time = 24:43)

We’re looking forward by looking backward in this episode as we re-run an interview with songwriter Chuck Brodsky. Originally from Philadelpia, he hitch-hiked to the west coast back in the late 1980s, spent many years performing and become a local favorite, then relocated to North Carolina.

Chuck’s an award-winning, master storyteller with eleven releases under his belt. Two records, in particular (“Baseball Ballads” and “Baseball Ballads 2”) showcase some great tales inspired by obscure stories from America’s favorite pastime. (Chuck has eighteen songs in the archives of the Baseball Hall of Fame.)

I had the good fortunate to open for Chuck twice, two years in a row, a few years back. For this chat, we met one Sunday morning after his live set on KPIG radio. We talked about his first trip to the bay area, his songwriting style, and of course, baseball. This interview first appeared back in “Songs and Stories” #53 in 2009. Since we’re being graced by two Chuck shows very soon, I figured it was a good time to bring it out and revisit this conversation with a pretty amazing artist.

Chuck makes it out here once a year, and in January – it’ll come fast, trust me – you have TWO chances to see him live. Chuck plays the Corralitos Cultural Center (near Watsonville/Santa Cruz) on Friday, January 30th, and the Woodshed Series in San Jose CA on Saturday, January 30th.

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