Songs and Stories #136: Bev Barnett’s Social Media Balancing Act

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So you’re an artist. You have something to say. You needBevBarnett1_AM1105 people to know about it. You promote yourself online. How do you choose between the obvious: FaceBook, Twitter, Reverbnation, YouTube – and the not-so-obvious: Bandcamp, SoundcloudPinterest, Google+? (Seriously. Google+?) In this new podcast, Bev Barnett describes how to best use these social networking tools in a way that allows them to support what should be your primary online presence. (Ahem, that would be your web site).

Bev is a triple-plus threat on all things music. She’s a fine singer and songwriter – she performs as a duo with her husband Greg Newlon. She has a long history of supporting other artists (through the TrueWind Concerts series and the new music organization). And she’s done promotional work for other artists. Through her new web site at, she’s now available to help other songwriters learn how to best navigate online waters of social networking, web sites, and email marketing.

BevBarnett_PA200With her years in high-tech and corporate PR, advising artists on how to best represent themselves in the online world was a natural progress. It’s also a nice bridge between Bev’s admittedly “geeky” side and her huge community of fellow artists.

Learn more at her web site. And while you’re there, perhaps while you’re listening to this interview, take this survey on her site to let her know what specific types of social media interest you. You’ll get a chance to win a free guitar-string bracelet, too.

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  1. Ryan Adcock
    June 23, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    Great episode! Thanks for posting it!

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