Songs and Stories #130: Evie Ladin and Keith Terry

Click here to listen to the interview with Evie Ladin and Keith Terry (time = 21:24)

Calling Evie Ladin a “banjo player” is limiting. Yes, she’s a fine clawhammer picker, but she’s also a singer, songwriter, dancer, and teacher. Her husband, Keith Terry, is another multi-threat musician, combining stand-up bass with his background in world music, jazz, dance, and percussion. Seeing them perform together is way more than an old-tyme music event, though that’s definitely near the center of it.

At this year’s American River Music Festival, Evie, Keith, and guitarist Erik Pearson wow’d the crowds at the Friday night showcase, receiving first standing ovation any of the acts have in the five years I’ve been hosting it. Evie, Keith, and I talked backstage the next day, in a comfy air-conditioned RV behind the main stage – particularly nice on a day that was 90+ degrees outside. We discussed their musical influences and how they came together as a musical pair.

Eric Pearson, Evie Ladin, and Keith Terry
Evie is currently touring in support of the new Evie Ladin Band record. She’s also part of the new Banjo Babes 2014 calendar, a collection of twelve women players that includes an accompanying CD. Bay area shows for this are listed on her Tour page. Closer to home – well, MY home anyway – Evie and Keith perform at the Corralitos Cultural Center on Friday, January 24th. Details for that one are on my Calendar page.

This podcast includes samples of “Got You On My Mind,” “The First Time,” and Songbird Blues/Backstep Cindy” from Evie’s new CD. You can hear more of the record and pick up a copy at

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