Songs and Stories #96: Sherry Austin on “Love Still Remains”

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Time for another chat with one of my favorite local people. Santa Cruz songwriter Sherry Austin (first interviewed here way back in episode #42), has a new record, “Love Still Remains”. This project is a tribute the late California songwriter Kate Wolf. It also includes two “new” Kate Wolf songs, “November Moon” and “Tonight You Loved the Memories Out Of Me”, which previously only existed as lyrics, and “Winter Comes On Slow”, a Sherry Austin original.

Sherry and her band celebrate the new record on Sunday, September 26 at Don Quixote’s Music Hall in Felton CA. This evening of Kate Wolf music (and Sherry’s new CD) includes these special guests, many who have previously have been on this podcast: Sharon Allen, Alisa Fineman and Kimball Hurd, Mary McCaslin, Rick Shea, and Ginny Mitchell. I recently talked with Sherry about when she discovered Kate’s music, how covering a few of her songs eventually grew into three hours of material, and the process she went through in picking which songs went on the new record.

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And if you’d like to hear more from Sherry, she’ll be trading songs with Steve Kritzer and I on Sunday, October 17th at the Corralitos Cultural Center. This is a closing concert for the center’s Open Studios run. The music starts at 6:00 pm. See my Shows page for more info on that.

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