Songs and Stories #87 and #88: James Hurley – Under the influences (pop and classical, that is)

Another two-parter, and another couple of episodes filed under “cool folk you meet along the way”. James Hurley first appeared in “Songs and Stories” recently in episode #79, which was subtitled “Late-Night at FAR-West”. He played a couple of songs in the midst of several guerrilla showcases during a very fun (and late) Saturday evening at the conference.

This time, he gets the whole hour. We’ll learn how his father taught him that music was “something you sat and listened to” – it wasn’t background music for something else. His dad loved the classics. His mom taught him about pop music. James emerged under the influence of both, and as a result has been playing the traveling troubadour most of his adult life.

In episode #87, James talks about his musical upbringing, his vagabond roots (his dad was in the army), and how fate simply insisted that he make his latest record, “Tempest in a Teacup”.

Click to hear Episode #87 (time = 44:05, size = 40.5 mb).

Episode #88 includes live performances of “Mountains” and “Mushroom” off the new CD, as well as “When I’m with You”, an unreleased track.

Click to hear episode #88 (time = 24:04, size = 22.1 mb).

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