Songs and Stories #162: Dayan Kai’s Maui Update

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I think Dayan Kai just beat out Antsy McClain of The Trailer Park Troubadours as the most frequent guest on this podcast. A brilliant musician and a good pal, Dayan first appeared with Steve Uccello on the show way back in episodes #25 and #26. He was here again with Keith Greeninger in episodes #85 and #85 to talk about their duo album, “Make It Rain”. Dayan came back to promote his last full-length record, “Resonate”, in episode #129.

The title track from “Resonate”

And yet the guy just has just not worn out his welcome.

Dayan was a staple of the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Area music scene until a few years ago. He moved back to his native Maui, where he keeps busy with several regular projects:

Dayan and Michael have an extended lunch

The last time Dayan was out this way, he and I photobombed local restaurants for my “Now It’s a Taqueria” video. For this podcast, we met at Don Quixote’s in Felton (seems to be a theme with us and Mexican restarants) for a quick update on his newest projects, how he likes being home in Maui, and what we might expect on his next CD.

This episode includes the title track from “Living Like a Rat Again” and “The San Juan Song” from “Make It Rain”. It also includes a live take on “Sun On the Hillside” (featuring Sharon Allen) and a new song, “Lahaina Hale”.

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  1. Sharon Allen
    September 4, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    Finally got to sit and listen to this podcast all the way through! Funny, touching and grateful for the music and stories. Thank you for what you do.

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