Songs and Stories #146: Flashback – Mary Gauthier

Click here to listen to the 2005 interview with Mary Gauthier (time = 40:30)

This one’s a rare “Songs and Stories” rerun, but it’s one of my favorite interviews. Five years ago, I had the opportunity to sit with Mary Gauthier for an in-depth conversation about the craft of songwriting, how you need to put in a good ten years to really get a handle on it, and (one of my favorite quotes) that “good is the enemy of great”.

If you’re a recent listener to the podcast, a songwriter, or just someone who appreciates the time that goes into a great song, I think you’ll dig this episode. This interview took place when Mary was on tour for her record, “The Foundling”. She’s since released two other CDs, “Live at Blue Rock” and “Trouble and Love”. The video above is from her latest.

Full disclosure: For April, I had plans for a Skype interview with songwriter Joy Ike, a wonderful artist AND publisher of the musician’s blog, Grassrootsy. The technology was just not on my side for this one, so we postponed. In the meantime, do check out Joy’s web site and blog, and rest assured we’ll have a lovely chat sometime in the near future. She’s worth the wait.

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