Songs and Stories #145: Ernest Troost

Click here to listen to the interview with Ernest Troost (time = 42:51)

He wrote the score for “Tremors” and won an Emmy composing the music for HBO’s “Lesson Before Dying”. He won the Kerrville New Folk award for songwriting. Last week, Ernest Troost and I sat around my kitchen table playing One Degree of Kevin Bacon, and I learned how he moved back to songwriting after a visit to McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica CA.

Ernest moved to Los Angeles a couple of decades ago with the intent of composing and conducting music for film and television. He was successful, but after that night at McCabe’s, he caught the songwriting bug. (He’d written songs in his youth but veered towards composing.) He’s since recorded four blues-based independent CDs, including “Live at McCabe’s” and his latest, “O Love”.

Lots of great music in this one. This episode features the CD tracks “Weary Traveler” and “I’ll Be Home Soon” from “O Love”, and live performances of “Travelin’ Shoes” and “The Last To Leave”.

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  1. April 13, 2015 at 8:07 am

    Another good episode! Thanks!

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