Songs and Stories #120: Audrey Auld – From Tasmania to Nashville

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Tasmanian-born singer/songwriter Audrey Auld is one of those wonderful triple threats: She’s a great singer, songwriter *and* entertainer. Now a naturalized U.S. citizen, she’s Nashville-based these days, though she tours frequently, taking her mix of songs that make you laugh (a lot) and songs that make you cry on the road to new audiences.

Audrey’s latest projects are a “Wood”, a five-song “handmade” release that celebrates Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday, and “Resurrection Moon” a collection of audience favorites that includes two new songs. (She realized a recent-hits collection was easier to pack on the road than her entire catalogue of CDs.)

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I caught up with Audrey recently at KPIG radio after her set on the live Sunday morning show “Please Stand By”. We discussed her new records, the annual San Quentin songwriting workshop she does for Bread and Roses, the Woody Guthrie festival she plays every year in in Okemah, Oklahoma…and how she loves just being able to resettle back home in Nashville with her husband, dogs, and chickens.

Note: This podcast includes clips of “I’d Leave Me Too” and “Everything Be All Right” from “Resurrection Moon” and “Bound for Glory” from the “Wood” project. You can purchase the complete songs and CDs from Audrey’s web site.

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