Songs and Stories #107: Backstage with Megan Slankard

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File this one that ever-expanding file of “artists I’ve almost met”. Bay area songwriter Megan Slankard and I have lots of musical friends in common, and we’ve almost crossed paths at a few venues. Fortunately, we finally did. We sat in the green room at Don Quixote’s Music Hall in Felton a few weeks back to chat about her new record (her fourth) “A Token of the Wreckage” on the eve of the CD’s release. Here’s Megan with a cool, back-porch take on the title track:

After a friendly interruption or two (I don’t edit these things, remember?), we got down to business and talked about the new songs, how she took her time (literally years) to get this record exactly the way she wanted, and how excited she was to get the cover artwork done by bay area artist David Ball. As we speak, Megan’s on the return leg of a cross country tour. She’s doing a release party for “Token of the Wreckage” back home at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco on Saturday, June 18th. See her calendar page for ticket info.

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