Songs and Stories #102 and #103: Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin

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Another one to file under “cool people I’ve met along the way”. Or should I say *finally* met. I almost crossed paths with singer/songwriters Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin several times the past few years (FAR-West, the occasional showcase) but it was always a near miss. We finally got together last fall here for a very fun visit at the house when they came by to do the kitchen-table talk thing.

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In “Part One” (Episode 102), we learn how Stephanie went from being an actor and writer to a trapeze artist…finally settling on a career in music (which was always there in the background anyway). We also find out about how Luke (a lifelong musician) and Stephanie officially became a duo on their newest release, “It All Comes Back to Love”. This episode includes a preview of the title track and “Buttonwillow” (a fine instrumental) from the new record.

In “Part Two” (Episode 103), Stephanie and Luke play live. You’ll hear “Stiff Upper Lip” and their “spiritual medley”. The episode concludes with “The Sound of Time” from the new CD. It’s a gorgeous song (with a very poignant backstory) that just floored me when I heard it at their concert later that evening.

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